The Christmas Story Revealed...

November 29, 2016


Hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus many godly people from Moses to Malachi prophesied about the coming Messiah, the King who would deliver Israel. In fact the prophets revealed so many details about the coming Christ that it is difficult to believe that the people around Him didn’t recognize who Jesus was. But it’s still like that today. Despite so much evidence, many refuse to acknowledge Him.


A quick look at just a few of the biblical prophecies, one can see they seem to point to the One whose birth we celebrate every December. It is important to note that some critics say that Jesus intentionally tried to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies so He could claim to be the foretold Messiah. In fact there were quite a few people who did try to claim that title both before and after Jesus walked the earth. There is so much evidence that there can be only ONE Savior, Jesus Christ!


Join us as we travel through the Bible and discover that our faith is well grounded and sure!  We begin November 27th with a 5-Part Sermon Series on this topic entitled:


The Christmas Story revealed...


1. By the Prophets

2. By the Angels

3. By the Eyewitnesses 

4. By the New Testament Writers

5. By those who Worship Jesus


May the Lord bless your Christmas Season with joy and happiness!




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