New Sermon Series - The 7 Churches of Revelation

August 26, 2016

 In preparation of this new study, I want to challenge every member to read the book of Revelation in September.  We will take an in-depth look at these seven churches and discover things about ourselves and our church.  It is my prayer that we seek the Lord during this time and to listen to the Holy Spirit as He teaches us.  Our Lord gave us this valuable book of future events and starts with with what can happen to the local church through these seven churches.  It is a "pay attention" kind of book.


5 Reasons why we should read Revelation:


1.  Sovereignty of God - He has a plan for the future and has made very specific promises pertaining to His people.  Best of all we see that He wins in the end, but then again He never loses.


2.  Worship of God - The Revelation will ensure that you worship (because we all worship something) is directed toward the Lord and none other for now and eternity!


3.  Spirit of God - The role of God and Holy Spirit is made manifest in the book of Revelation.  He is continuing God's work on Earth and is the source of prophetic messages about Jesus.


4.  Son of God - He is exalted as fully God, as the Shepherd Messiah, The Slaughtered Lamb, the Firstborn from the Dead, and the Roaring Lamb...Jesus is His Name!


5.  Children of God - The Apostle John, with the heart of a pastor, comforts his readers with the knowledge that even if our perseverance results in death we will never be separated from God.  Christ our only hope!



Join us for this closer look at these churches and how we can see ourselves individually and collectively as the church of Jesus Christ.  Remember our challenge is to read Revelation and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you our Lord's powerful message for today.


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