January Sermon Series

December 29, 2014


The Book of Joshua is not merely about how one brave and godly man of God led God’s people into the Promised Land but on how God works in and through His people to accomplish His greater purposes. It is about serving our Lord!


Joshua is not only to be admired but to be imitated. The name ‘Joshua’ means ‘Savior’ in English and the name Jesus in Greek. In this sense Joshua is a true type of Jesus who would lead his people as they follow and serve the Lord.  

Joshua is a type for the real Savior that would come and show us how to commune and live with God in this dangerous world.  God was not just making a home for His people but preparing them to accompany Him on His great mission. The simple contrast of this generation and their parents reveals the simplicity of obedience vs. disobedience.  This is the same today when a church seeks to follow the Lord in obedience or seek their own ways in disobedience.  


Although the Book of Joshua is a history of God’s people as they came out of Egypt, it is a specially written history to help us understand how God works in the lives of His people.


Joshua is an excellent book to study if one wants to learn how to live out our Christian lives in light of God’s divine and glorious mission.  God’s people are on a mission with Him which requires His people to faithfully serve Him.

We need to not only learn how to live our lives properly under the divine guidance of our Lord in this world. He has more to accomplish than just make our lives comfortable. There are battles we need to face in order to expand and establish God’s kingdom. Every battle that is faced in this book provides some wisdom and instruction on how we ourselves are to depend upon God and accomplish His great will. 


In 2015 Waddill Street must seek to serve the Lord in every capacity and area of the church.  This requires the conviction and guidance of the Holy Spirit in each member's life.  Begin today praying that we understand God is calling every member to surrender to His will in serving Him.  Ask the Lord to show you where to serve and He will make it very clear to you!  Then if you follow Him the church will see God take us to new places and experiences.


May the Lord richly bless you and your family this year.  May we pay off debt and build an ever growing ministry on this corner of this promised land God

has given us!


God bless,

Joe Patton


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