Our history


The Waddill Street Baptist Church began as a group assembled

together for the first time under some shade trees on June 2,

1946.  After a revival, the first baptismal service was held in a

creek on the north side of McKinney.  On September 6, 1946,

property was rented at 411 South Wilcox Street in the amount

of $50 per month for the parsonage and the church building, both on the same site.  In May, 1952, the congregation moved to its present location on the corner of Waddill and White Street in McKinney.  During this move, the congregation selected the name of Waddill Street Baptist Church.


As we look toward the future, all of our ministries come to focus in the ultimate objectives of winning people to Jesus Christ as personal Savior and leading them to a maturing Christian fellowship in God's family.  We are now engaged in multiple ministries, in the name of Christ, to make the church relevant to the needs of the community and day in which we live.  Our church family eagerly awaits toward the coming of the Kingdom.

A Rich Past 

A Blessed Future

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